It’s killing many of us inside.
They can’t survive without it.
It’s affecting many of them.
What can we do?

It’s ruining many in our society.
It’s controlling them within seconds.
It’s breaking our families.
What can we do?

They are always given false promises.
They have no one to run to.
They feel insecured and rejected in the society.
What can we do?

They need us.
They are humans like us.
They want to feel loved again in this society.
What can we do?



Its something everyone would wish to have.
Its a feeling that has no explanation.
It’s hurting at times.

Not all have it, but they wish to have it.
It’s not meant for all, its for the willing ones.
It’s so sweet and lovely.

It always finds it’s way in a perfect world.
It finds it’s self way where there’s home.
It’s so romantic and precious.

Its like dark turning into day.
It’s like sun rising from its horizon.
It’s beautiful like the star.

Now that you have found it.
Its coming back home for you.
This is love I call it love.


When people here of journalism what do they think? This is one thing that we need to know. Its not just a career..

This is me that is what I learn. Am a training journalist at East Africa institute and I appreciate my career so much. Although at times you see the challenges that the journalist face in our today lives leave alone with the past. As a good journalist things you should have in mind are:
1.Be updated on what’s trending.
You should not wait for information be brought to you,always wake up plan your day and what you are going to do ensure you have the equipments of doing the day to day activity and or collecting the information that you hear or get.
2.Be creative.
3.Be innovative.
4.Be a good listener.
Always write an information that you can’t recall so that you won’t easily forget to gather a correct information.
5.Build your own experience.
Don’t wait to be told what to do.
6.Have self confidence.
7.Accept criticism.
8.Always be curious.
9.Be determined.
11. Be self driven.
12.Dressing sould be decent.
This is what you will need to have when you want to be a good journalist.

Journalism is a career